Basic Diagnostic Repair Tool

This is a free basic easy to use one click repair and diagnostic tool for some common windows problems.

  • Clean temporary files.
  • check the integrity of disk.
  • Check hard drive health.
  • System File Checker.
  • Check if external network connection is available.
  • Check if internal network connection is available.
  • Check DNS servers.
  • Ping.
  • WINSOCK reset for Internet access or networking problems.
  • Clear DNS Cache.
  • Remove all WIFI settings.
  • Flush DNS.
  • FIX broken PST files.
  • Repair broken Microsoft Office suite.
  • Full shutdown in case of hybrid sleep.
  • Enter safe mode.
  • Refresh PC, removes everything but user files / documents to. Like a factory restore.

This tool comes with no guarantee. Some antivirus programs detect this tool a virus but is a false positive, which shows how shit most anti viruses are. Source code is provided. EXE is made using PS1 to EXE from .

Basic diagnostic repair tool

Basic diagnostic repair tool source code

Fix outlook and office

Fix outlook and office source code