Debloat windows 10, Fix privacy, optimise for performance, auto setup and monitor computer

This is a free tool for Windows 10 to debloat, optimise for performance, fix privacy concerns, silently install and update software, and monitor the computer health. The tool is very useful for setting up a new computer.

Download from the link below and extract/unzip the scripts folder and place in the C:/ drive. You can either use the command line options as shown below or use the Setup.bat file located in the scripts folder which has been pre-configured.

All settings are stored in the settings.xml file and can be modified as needed. Software is installed using Chocolatey package manager, packages can be found here .

If a problem is detected with the system such as a failing hard drive or high CPU temperature a message box will pop up or an email will be sent if enabled. These settings are optional and run via a scheduled task. To enabled the feature use the settings.xml and alter the scheduled tasks as needed.

Some scheduled task have been pre-configured in the Scheduled Tasks folder and must be imported manually.

This tool comes with no guarantee and I recommend testing it first, it is my first Powershell project. If you are a Powershell pro this tool will be painful to read. Will only work properly on build 1803.

Loosely based on .

Download debloat windows 10

Command line example

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass "& 'C:\scripts\Tools.ps1' -UserAccountControll -SystemRestore -PupUninstaller -CopyFiles -CheckDns -CheckPageFile -PowerOptions -VisualPerformance -GeneralTweaksApply -UninstallDefaultApps -InstallPackages -FixPrivacy -DisableSystemServices -DisableScheduledTasks" 

List of all commands

-CheckAVChecks what Antivirus is installed
-CheckAvDefsChecks if Antivirus definitions are old and need updating
-CheckAvStatusChecks if Antivirus is running
-CheckDnsChecks if DNS is correct and changes if not.
-CheckPageFileChecks Page file is set to right amount and changes if not.
-CopyFilesone time copy files to destination.
-DisableScheduledTasksDisables useless scheduled tasks.
-DisableSystemServicesDisables predefined list of system services.
-DiskCleanCleans disk, removes internet history etc.
-FixPrivacyFixes Windows default privacy.
-ImportScheduledTasksBroken, error on import.
-InstallPackagesInstalls predefined programs silently using Choclatey.
-PersistantFilesPersistently makes sure file is where is should be using sched task.
-PowerOptionsSets power options.
-PupUninstallerUninstalls unwanted programs silently.
-RunningServicesShows all system services in GUI.
-SmartDiskCheckChecks hard disk health.
-SystemRestoreTurns on system restore.
-UninstallDefaultAppsUninstalls windows shitwear.
-UserAccountControllDisables user account control.
-VisualPerformanceSets visual style to best performance.
-CpuTemperatureChecks CPU temperature
-GeneralTweaksApplyGeneral tweaks
-UpdateProgramsUpdate Choclatey programs.